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European Visual Artists (EVA) represents the interests of authors' collective management societies for the visual arts. 24 European collecting societies for visual creators are gathered under this roof as members or observers. They manage collectively authors' rights of close to 100 000 creators of works of fine art, illustration, photography, design, architecture and other visual works.

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Creators demand a stop to unfair distribution of value online

More than 1000 creators pressure the European Commission to address the value gap

EVA Welcomes European Commission Approach to Online Platforms

European Commission to deal with the value gap in the upcoming copyright proposal

EVA joins CEPIC‘s competition law complaint against Google Image Search

Google Image Search functionalities circumvent source websites and permit the direct download of images

France strikes balance on the Panorama Exception

The French Senate ensures legal certainty for users while protecting artists

Panorama Exception in France - a balanced solution is still necessary

French Senate to decide on the final wording of the Panorama Exception