400+ creators from all over Europe co-signed a letter addressed to all Members of the European parliament urging them to adopt the Copyright Directive.

Read the text here below.

Languages available for download: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish.

13 March

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

We undersigned European creators – established and emerging – from all artistic fields, are asking you to do the right thing and adopt the Copyright Directive without further delay.

Our films, plays, books, articles, music, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, choreographies and other forms of art are a source of wealth and pride for European culture. Our art is both our passion and our profession.

For people to continue enjoying European culture in today’s digital environment, and for creators to be able to make a living today and tomorrow, we urge you to adopt the Copyright Directive.

This directive creates a much-needed level playing field between us, the creators, and those who communicate and distribute our works on different media and platforms. It is a matter of mutual respect. It is essential to the sustainability of our activities and therefore of the cultural and artistic diversity of Europe.

It is in everyone’s interests to promote authors’ rights so that they may continue to create, and in doing so bring lasting benefits to the whole of society. To retain Europe’s best talents and build the next generation of European creators, we must safeguard creators’ rights and promote their livelihoods. We cannot afford to wait another decade for copyright legislation to be adapted to the digital environment. This is not only about us but about the future of Europe’s culture.

You have the opportunity to send a historical and positive message to future generations of creators: that they are valued and that they will be fairly remunerated for their work.

We therefore urgently call on you, Members of the European Parliament, to say yes to this reform.

List of signatories