Press Release

The European Visual Artists warmly welcome the definitive adoption of the Copyright Directive by the Council of the EU.

EVA calls for its swift transposition into national legislation and for online platforms to engage constructively with European collective management societies to agree on licences for visual works.

Collective licensing agreements with research, educational and cultural heritage institutions based on the new Directive will provide easy access to protected works, legal certainty for public institutions and fair incomes for authors. Further steps should follow to ensure fair treatment of visual authors by ensuring that framing will be recognized as a case of use of works.

Vincent van den Eijnde, EVA President, said:

The final adoption of the directive is a historical moment for artists in Europe and the creative sector. We expect it to deliver on the fundamental right to remuneration for artists’ work in the digital market. Today Europe is showing to the rest of the world that a fairer internet for culture is possible and that platforms should cease to enjoy financial benefits from artists’ work without paying a fair share back.