Brussels, 3 March 2022

EVA strongly condemns the unjustified Russian military aggression of Ukraine, and the ruthless and inhuman acts currently occurring in the country. Russia’s offensive is a blatant violation of human rights, democracy, and freedom. We wholeheartedly stand with the Ukrainian people and everyone impacted by the merciless events of the past days.

In these dark times, we steadfastly support creativity as a means of expression that needs peace and freedom to flourish and uplift humanity.

Together with CISAC, we support colleagues and partners in Ukraine who are directly and indirectly suffering the terrible humanitarian consequences of the use of force by one country, and we encourage dialogue and cooperation to put an end to the horror.

We also express our solidarity with those who courageously support peace, particularly those who are risking their freedom and lives protesting Putin’s actions.

We say no to war. #WeStandWithUkraine

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