What is it?

The European Visual Artists aim at strengthening the network of Copyright Management Societies for visual repertoire all around the continent so as boost exchange of information and boost cooperation for the benefit of all CMOs and ultimately of all visual artists.

To do so, we are launching a concrete action to grant financial support to CMOs around the continent facing more challenges to participate in international events to meet and exchange with their European counterparts. This new action is called “EVA Mobility Support Grant”, it is managed by the EVA secretariat under mandate of its members and targets visual repertoire CMOs in Europe to support their presence at specific international events. 

Here below, all conditions and information to request a grant for your organisation.


Amount and conditions

  1. Only one person per organisation is eligible.
  2. In no case more than 500.00 EUR per organisation.
  3. The grant takes form of a reimbursement of real costs against submission of proves of payment.


Eligible Costs

  • Transport (Airplane, Train, Public transport, Taxi)
  • Accommodation (two nights max)



  • Complete the request form here below.
  • If accepted, you will receive a confirmation by email.
  • During the event keep all invoices/receipts (at least digital version).
  • Send all invoices/receipts + bank details by email to f.guerzoni[at]evartists.org
  • After validity check, reimbursement will be processed.