On 27 and 28 November, the International Council of Creators of Graphic, Plastic and Photographic Arts (CIAGP) convened in Paris for its traditional annual gathering.

Creative sector experts from all over the world took part in the two-day conference to explore how CMOs can further protect and enhance the rights of visual artists, which are severely challenged by digital transformation. Of particular concern to CIAGP societies is the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which, while opening new artistic frontiers, poses a tangible threat to artists’ livelihood, increasing their vulnerability and hindering their possibilities to have a fair and regular income.

In fact, generative AI, trained on copyrighted works without authors’ consent or compensation, raises significant issues as it swiftly produces new artworks giving rise to unfair competition and harming authors. Moreover, the recent discussions among European legislators about the first-ever AI regulation highlight the need for the voices of rights holders to be heard against the development of an AI that leaves no room for humans and promotes self-regulation initiatives for AI companies that ultimately benefit from this situation.

The CIAGP has therefore adopted the resolution “On protecting visual artists’ rights in the age of AI” to urge policymakers to promptly react and protect the moral and economic rights of authors, which are endangered by AI.

Specifically, CIAGP urges national, regional and international legislators to address the risks of AI and to put humans at the center of any legislative initiative which should focus on five main principles:

  • Consent;
  • Compensation;
  • Licensing;
  • Credit;
  • Transparency.

Marie-Anne Ferry Fall commented “It is vital that legislators around the world take a strong stance on these issues in order to protect artists and creativity. There is no need to weaken copyright to allow the development of new technologies, as has been abundantly demonstrated over the centuries, particularly over the last two decades.”

Download the resolution here.

Download the EVA AI manifesto