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26 26.09.2019

EVA Mobility Scheme – Request Form


What is it? The European Visual Artists aim at strengthening the network of Copyright Management Societies for visual repertoire all around the continent so as boost exchange of information and [...]

EVA Mobility Scheme – Request Form2019-11-19T16:43:28+00:00
23 23.09.2019

Private copying compensation: European Creators under attack from Apple, Huawei, Samsung


European creators’ organisations and unions urge the EU decision-makers to support European interests and take a firm stand against aggressive lobbying by device manufacturers to weaken EU legislation providing for private copying compensation.

Private copying compensation: European Creators under attack from Apple, Huawei, Samsung2021-08-19T12:10:25+00:00
11 11.02.2019

Time to improve and adopt the Copyright Directive


CIAGP, EVA and OLA, European and Worldwide umbrella organisations for visual artists urge the Trilogue to approve the Copyright directive in its current version.

Time to improve and adopt the Copyright Directive2021-08-19T10:37:13+00:00
17 17.12.2018

Symposium on Exhibition Remuneration


On Thursday 22 November, the first European symposium on the Exhibition Remuneration right in Europe took place in Brussels. Learn more...

Symposium on Exhibition Remuneration2018-12-18T09:13:43+00:00
7 07.12.2018

Content for Education


A BALANCED COPYRIGHT FRAMEWORK IS THE KEY TO INNOVATIVE, DIVERSE, HIGH QUALITY CONTENT FOR EDUCATIONIt is important that educators can rely on high quality, validated content. Public policies should [...]

Content for Education2021-08-19T10:41:03+00:00
7 07.12.2018

Europe for Creators


Digital economic powers continue to profit as working artists struggle to make ends meet. By refusing to give artists a say and by not paying properly for using their art, current [...]

Europe for Creators2021-08-19T10:41:26+00:00
5 05.12.2018

Resale Right campaign


The resale right is a fundamental right for authors of graphic and plastic arts. It consists of a small percentage of the resale price that art market professionals pay to [...]

Resale Right campaign2021-08-19T10:41:38+00:00